Investments Approach



You’ll have the benefit of expert investment strategies built specifically around your needs and goals, as well as access to a range of diversified investment options.

We’ll guide you through a comprehensive financial profile to determine your:

01 Long-Term Goals  →

02 Time Horizon  →

03 Income Needs  →

04 Risk Tolerance

Based on what we learn about you, we’ll create a personalized investment plan with a long-term focus to help you make smart decisions without reacting to market conditions.


We are investors, not traders

We design portfolios that are customized to your goals and financial plan – not cookie-cutter allocations developed by a third party

We believe in using individual stocks in some asset classes like Large Cap rather than all Mutual Fund or Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

We utilize a 12-factor selection process to identify companies

Employ time weighted asset allocation to develop portfolios based on your targeted retirement date

Rebalance proactively to help limit emotions as it relates to decisions behind investing

Develop plans that use strategic distribution planning including tax diversification and tax loss harvesting