Our Clients

We help successful people plan. Our clients are passionate about their careers and their families. Given how busy and complex our clients’ lives are, they want a partner who has taken the time to understand where they are today and where they plan to go tomorrow. The clients we serve want to have peace of mind that they have protected themselves from what can go wrong, so they have the luxury to plan and invest for all the things that will go right. The families we work with are committed to creating memories with those they love most, so we help provide clarity for their future, so they can spend their life living today, without any guilt, because they know their tomorrow is secured.

Many of our clients, though not all, find themselves in one of the three scenarios below:

  • Medical Professionals & Health Care Administrators
    Our team has been providing financial planning seminars for physicians throughout the country for over a decade. As a result, we have built a national practice serving the unique financial needs of the medical community.
  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
    As business owners ourselves, we appreciate the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication that is required to build the substantial opportunities our business owners now enjoy. Our business owner clients look to us for ideas to help attract, retain, and reward their key people, while also helping them plan for the succession and legacy needs their success often demands.
  • Individuals and Couples in the “Critical 10”
    Clients within 5 years of retirement and clients in the first 5 years of retirement are in what we call the “Critical 10”. Missteps at this stage in life can have a more profound impact on planning outcomes. Our clients at this life stage are looking to grow their money competitively while also having the peace of mind that their portfolios are built to withstand all market cycles. These clients are looking for our team to do more than get them to retirement, they are looking for our guidance to get them through retirement.